Convicted Murderer Clears His Name

John HodaI recently watched a video on CBS 60 minutes that talked about a case that took place in Texas where a person named Michael Morton was convicted and sent to prison for murdering his wife. What is so shocking about this video is the fact that Michael Morton was acquitted 25 years later of the crime and was released from jail – he was suppose to serve a life sentence.

Michael Morton was acquitted of the crime because they finally administered a DNA test on a bloody bandana that was found at the scene of the crime. The DNA was traced to a another man, who was also found to have killed another woman after this incident.

The story starts of in 1986 when Michael Morton returned home from work to find his wife dead in their bed. A sheriff was in the house at the time and right from the get go, was seeing Michael as the killer without any evidence being conducted what so ever.

The prosecutor, Ken Anderson believed Michael killed his wife because she wouldn’t have sex with him. It was also believed that Mr. Anderson argued persuasively and withheld critical evidence from the trial that would have concluded Michael Morton was not guilty of the crime. It turns out that there was a report from Michael’s son that he had witnessed the murder and saw a man with a mustache who wasn’t his dad kill his mom with a large knife.

It is scary to think that people can be wrongfully accused of crimes, even murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment. It seems as if though Michael Morton did not receive a fair trial. What if there had been a different prosecutor on the case? Would Michael Morton not be in jail for 25 years for a crime that he didn’t even commit? Not only did he spend 25 years in a jail cell, he also spent 25 years away from his son, which had detrimental effects on their relationship. I am glad to see that justice was served and the Michael was able to be acquitted of a wrongful accusation. DNA testing is an important part of certain cases and should be considered and acted upon regularly. It is amazing that so many years later a bloody bandana is what exonerated Michael and not a withheld police report.

via John Hoda