Cole Hamel Wins Game On The Mound

John HodaThe Phillies Cole Hamel threw a 6 hitter today and the team might be feeling a bit of relief winning a game after a mostly up an down season. The Phillies currently sit 18.5 game out of first place in the National League East and unless they pull off somewhat of a miracle, they might be watching the MLB postseason from a Television if they so choose unfortunately. As a died hard Phillies fan for so many years, it is sad to know the team is so far from reaching a post season birth and with the season counting down a game at a time, I’m not looking forward to a long offseason. With a team like this, you truly find out who has it in them as a player and leader by how they finish out the season. I just hope they can continue to fight and not give up.

Cole Hamels seemed to do just that in their game against the Atlanta Braves. He took a shutout going all the way to the ninth inning and gave the Phillies a big confidence booster. When asked about his great pitching, Cole Hamels stated, “there’s been too much losing in Philadelphia this season to focus on individual milestones.” Many of the Phillies players also didn’t realize manager Charlie Manuel was about to win his 1,000th game. Hamels also reiterated saying, “Truly I think it hasn’t been talked about much in here just because we haven’t been playing well. We’ve just been focused on just trying to win a game and then going from there.”

Hopefully the Phillies can string some more wins together and go on some sort of a run. Winning a couple of game can snowball into a few and more so you never know. I guess it sometimes is best to be optimistic and have confidence in your team.

via John Hoda