Johnny Manziel Under Investigation

John HodaJohnny Manziel, quarterback of the Texas A&M college football team, is currently under investigation by the NCAA for allegedly receiving $7,500 dollars for signing memorabilia.

According to an article on Sporting News, Manziel reportedly was involved in two separate incidents in which he received money. One broker who was with Manziel getting the signatures said he was paid a five figure in one encounter.

Mark Jones, a former NCAA enforcement director said, “No one wants to play an athlete who’s later determined to be ineligible, especially such a high-profile player. You don’t want to risk having to vacate those games later on.” The investigation falls very close to the beginning of the college football season. Texas A&M is schedule to play Rice at home followed by Sam Houston State. These are just the firs two games of the season, but if Manziel has to sit out more due to the conclusion of the NCAA investigation, Texas A&M might face a different kind of season than they were expecting.

It is mind boggling if this investigation concludes with Johnny Manziel being guilty and I will also be surprised if he actually did it. For the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy and soon to be NFL player, why would Manziel resort to such a little amount of money when he will be receiving so much more down the road? Why would he want to put any of that jeopardy? He could be hurting his draft stock drastically if these allegations hold up.

via John Hoda