Plane Crash Investigation

John HodaA recent article in the Anchorage Daily News talks about a plane crash that occurred at Merrill Field, which killed a pilot, Robert Lilly, and his girlfriend Jessi Nelsen. After an ongoing investigation by an investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board, it was concluded that the crash happened after there was an aborted landing and not during takeoff. The plane involved in the crash was Robert Lilly’s who is a licensed commercial pilot. The plane was coming in for a landing when the pilot was instructed to pull up and not land. During the planes ascension into the sky, it lost power and fell to the ground from an unconfirmed altitude. It is also not confirmed what caused the air traffic controller to prompt Robert Lilly to not land. It is assumed that there must have been traffic on the runway but this has also not been confirmed.

“By Sunday evening, the Cessna’s wreckage had been moved away from the crash site to what Cawthra, the NTSB investigator, described as a secure location outdoors, where he would examine the plane’s engine and structure.” The investigation will continue to proceed forward and will likely involve more questioning of the air traffic controller and the decisions that were made to redirect the plane from landing. There was a handheld GPS that was found at the crash site. This could possibly be used to extract data that may have more answers as to why the plane crashed. The National Transportation Safety Board said the investigation could take months before they pinpoint the exact cause of the crash.

via John Hoda