Private Investigator Uncovers Cases of Romance

A private investigator in Massachusetts is taking his talents to the game of love.

Chris Marquet, of Wellesley, MA, a private investigator of more than thirty years, will be expanding his business to cover cases of romance, according to an article published on

Marquet’s new service is called, and offers deep background on the significant others of his clients.

According to the article, Marquet developed the idea based on his experiences in the corporate world. Occasionally, he says, clients would ask him to investigate a son or daughter’s new boyfriend or girlfriend, which got him thinking that he could capitalize on the idea of examining one’s partner.

His target audience, the author writes, is people in affluent areas, like his former homes in Fairfield County, Conn., and San Francisco.

“It’s more self preservation,” Marquet said of his new service. “It’s geared toward people that want to protect their assets, interests or loved ones.”

But this isn’t like your typical background check, Marquet told reporters. He calls his service “a professional, high-end, real, boots-on-the-ground investigative service.”

Most importantly, however, is that Marquet presents himself as totally above board. He told that he operates soley based on public information — no illegality involved.

“I’m a fact-finder,” he said. “That skulking image of some guy in a trench coat? That’s not me.”

via John Hoda