Private Investigators hired to look after children overseas

Have you ever wondered where your kids are and what they are doing while studying in another part of the world? Well if you have the money and are overly concerned enough, then you can hire a private investigator to keep an eye on them according to an article.

The article also mentioned an instance where a student told his parents that he wouldn’t be returning home for summer break. The parents said that’s ok but didn’t hear from him for an extended period of time. They stopped getting phone calls and their son wasn’t available for online video chats. The parents were concerned their son had fallen into a world of “drug-fueled parties.”

In order to find out the truth they hired a private investigator. The investigator moved into a flat right above where there son was believed to be staying. The investigator listened intently to the flat below and monitored people who were going in and out. The young man was in fact there. In order to see what was going on inside the flat, the private investigator dropped a shirt down from his flat to the one below. To get the shirt back, he knocked on the door and was allowed in to retrieve his clothing. While inside, the private investigator noted that the scene he walked into was far different than what he had expected. There wasn’t any drugs or paraphernalia, just a couple guys with instruments. It turns out the young man who decided to not return home for summer was living in flat with friends where he had band practice and was trying to become a rockstar.

Before you jump to conclusions, it might be wise to think long and hard about your kid. You never know, he could be trying to start a rock band.

via John Hoda