About John Hoda

John HodaJohn Hoda is a private investigator with decades worth of experience. He began his career as a police officer and then became an accomplished fraud investigator for a well known insurance company and finally made the transition to a private investigator. Currently, John Hoda offers his comprehensive law enforcement and insurance knowledge, and combines it with his decades of investigative experience in order to best aid those who are in need while delivering the justice deserved. Whether it’s cyber following using advanced digital investigative methods or simply hitting the pavement and asking questions, John Hoda is driven to uncover the facts that make your case.

John Hoda is a very passionate person who aims to find the truth, enabling him to find the most important facts and to discovery crucial witnesses when others haven’t been able to. He is uniquely one of only 74 people who is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Legal Investigator with training in Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method. John Hoda is highly skilled in the art and science of interviewing and made the DVD training video: The Ultimate Guide To Taking Statements.

Some of John Hoda’s cases have made headlines in Philadelphia Inquirer, New Haven Register and the Associated Press over the past four decades. He served as the Region One Director of the National Association of Legal Investigators and is a deep-rooted member of the CT Association of Licensed Private Investigators.

Elm City Detectives was started by John Hoda to help smaller firms and companies as well as ordinary people experience the same level of professional investigation as the powerful prosecution, corporation or insurance company they’re going up against.

John Hoda | Forensic Genealogist


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